How To Use Telegram Stickers On WhatsApp For Android Users Only

How To Use Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp 
How To Use Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app used by 1.5 billion people from both, Android and iOS realms. It is a feature-rich platform for not just communicating but also for sending media files instantly. Although WhatsApp is preferred over other apps, it lacked the ‘stickers’ feature, ruled by its rivals. Last year in October, the Facebook-owned app finally introduced stickers.

WhatsApp comes with 7 pre-installed stickers packs but they aren’t much. Today, we’ll give you a short tutorial on how to use stickers from Telegram in WhatsApp. So dive in!

How To Use Telegram Stickers On WhatsApp

  • You can download individual stickers and full sticker packs from Telegram. Open Telegram and tap on the top left corner sandwich icon and select Settings.
  • Now Select Chat Settings.
  • Scroll Down & Go to Stickers and Masks.
  • You will see a list of sticker packs which you need to install separately.
  • Click on the three dots next to the sticker pack you’d want to use on What
  • Now, go to the search bar in Telegram and search for Sticker Downloader.
  • Click settings on the bottom bar or justtype ‘Settings’ in the chat.
  • Now you need to paste the stickers link that you copied earlier in the Sticker Downloader Bot chat thread. You will get a message saying that the ZIP file will be available soon.
  • From jpeg and png, choose webp format because WhatsApp supports it.
  • After you receive the file, download it, which will be in the Telegram Documents folder.
  • Extract the ZIP file and you will find the saved stickers pack in Telegram > Telegram Documents.
  • Now, move this sticker pack folder to the main directory in your internal storage or put it inside the Pictures folder on your phone. Install Personal Stickers for WhatsApp:
  •  Download Personal Stickers for WhatsApp
  • Open Personal Stickers and open the sticker folder.
  • Click Add and confirm when a pop-up asks you to choose.

So, next time, instead of using emojis, use stickers and be expressive.

This is how you can get Telegram Stickers on Whatsapp in a few minutes. Telegram consists of a lot of groups and Channels, You can easily find a lot of them at the Telegram group link.

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How To Use Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp

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