Top 5 Best MIUI 12 Themes | Download for Xiaomi phones

Top 5 Best MIUI 12 Themes
Top 5 Best MIUI 12 Themes


Xiaomi has exerted pure dominance in the Indian market over the last decade. From launching fitness bands to launching air purifiers, the Chinese Electronics giant has left no stone unturned. Exploring every horizon, Xiaomi has executed numerous strategical action plans that have turned into the company’s favor. It is a known fact that Xiaomi’s main focus has always on been smartphones.

Factually speaking, Xiaomi is the #1 smartphone brand in India with a whopping 31.2% market share. It is safe to declare that Xiaomi smartphones sell like hot pancakes. Fascinatingly, Xiaomi has created a storm in the marketplace in a short period of time. The reason behind the Chinese company’s dwelling success is mainly the aggressive pricing that seals the deal for many.


Apart from providing quality products at a groundbreaking price, Xiaomi also plays the virtual game quite wittily. The Xiaomi smartphone line-up runs on a highly-regarded custom user interface that provides a premium design along with vital functionalities. Xiaomi’s MIUI is appreciated for its straightforward, minimalistic, and easy-to-use design.

The MIUI 12 is the latest addition to the Xiaomi database in terms of software. The update was announced back in April while the beta testing of the same was initialized rapidly. Fast-forward to the present, a majority of the Xiaomi, POCO, and Redmi devices have received a stable version of the update.


The MIUI 12 update introduced quite a lot of new features that tune the Xiaomi smartphone to its peak to deliver a balanced experience. The update introduced a new Control Centre, a collection of Super Wallpapers, an App Drawer, a Universal Casting Tool, Magic Clone, improved dark mode, and a revamped interface. In simple words, the MIUI 12 update is a worthy one that does not disappoint in the software aspect by any means.

However, to increase the customizability of the interface, an individual can resort to themes that are creative, unique, and visually pleasing. After all, the looks of a particular substance are subjective be it on the hardware front or the software front. By adopting a theme, a user can provide a fresh look to the device internally. On a side note, Xiaomi has numerous sub-brands that also run on the MIUI interface. A blessing in disguise, all the sub-brands running on MIUI 12 can adapt these stunning themes without any hassle.

What are the Top 5 Best MIUI 12 Themes?

1) Google Pixel 4: Much to the delight of Xiaomi smartphone users, the stock interface of the widely-renowned Google Pixel 4 can be brought into any phone running on the MIUI 12. A colorful, contrasting, and artistic theme, this theme is the resultant of the perfect blend of orange and black.

Navigation through the interface becomes a cakewalk with the round icons that are easy to spot. Apart from this, the theme also introduces a fresh status bar that is a definitive upgrade over the previous one. The theme also manages to give the application icons a classy look. Overall, the Pixel 4 theme is a premium theme that boasts an extraordinary design.

Download Google Pixel 4 Theme for MIUI 12

2) Colorful Place: As the name suggests, this theme opts for vivid, contrasting colors instead of the traditional dull ones. It sinks-in well with the home screen and lock screen. Apart from providing a fresh look to the device, the Colorful Place theme can also lighten the mood of an individual using the bright color combination it possesses.

Developed by Zen, this theme alters the default symbols with trendier ones that give a modern look to the device from within. Furthermore, it is bundled with two spectacular default home-screen and lock-screen wallpapers. The developer has traveled the extra mile by providing exclusive themes to the default stock applications as well.

Download Colorful Place Theme for MIUI 12

3) iOS 14.1 (Version 12): Apple’s signature iOS is an operating system that is popular among the masses for its immense stability, sheer mobility, and ultra-smooth operation. Until now, applying an iOS skin in Android handset was close to impossible. Nevertheless, with this particular theme, a device running on the MIUI 12 can be instantly converted into an iPhone on the software front. The similarity between the original and counterfeit is uncanny.

The crux on the biscuit is that this theme is also compatible with the legendary MIUI 11. To sum up, this theme provides a revamped status bar, re-modeled warning board, and classy icons with a compact, straightforward, and clutter-free interface.

Download iOS 14.1 Theme for MIUI 12

4) Fantasia: If one is fantasizing about the ideal theme, the search ends here. Designed by Costa, the Fantasia theme offers a fine user interface that is a  well-balanced blend of black and rose. The status bar is eye-catchy with the layout placement similar to that of iOS. Minor changes have been made in terms of the icon size and shape to retain the MIUI 12 look-and-feel.

Download Fantasia Theme for MIUI 12 

5) Khalifa Line UI: Popularly known as the Blue Accent theme, this theme has conquered over the hearts of MIUI 12 users with its snappy interface. The interface has an extraordinary feel to it with a black-and-white combination that goes extremely well together. The color selection of the toggles and icons is apt making the theme seem to be luxurious in nature.

Download Khalifa Line UI Theme for MIUI 12


While the interface provided by the MIUI 12 is addictive, it does not maintain its position for long. To explore new possibilities, it is necessary to be open to change. The themes mentioned above are some of the most superior themes that provide an impeccable overall experience.



Top 5 Best MIUI 12 Themes


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