Technology &Therapy: Change Your Life With Your Devices

Change Your Life With Your Devices
Change Your Life With Your Devices


Modern technology has significantly changed how we obtain goods and services, and one area that has seen new advancements is therapy. Widespread internet access, along with smartphones and tablets, have allowed online therapy to become extremely popular, and millions of people around the world are receiving the help they need more than ever.

In this article, you will learn more about online therapy services and how you can start taking advantage of it.

What Is Online Counseling and Therapy?

In layman’s terms, online therapy services are a lot like traditional, in-person ones where you sit down with a professional in an office; however, you don’t need to be physically present, and it has many other benefits.

Even though you won’t be sitting in front of a therapist, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be having face-to-face interaction.

In fact, one of the primary reasons why online therapy is just as effective as ordinary therapy sessions is that it takes advantage of technology, and live video chat is available to allow you to get the same experience as talking to a therapist directly.

Today’s computers, phones, and tablets are advanced and are often equipped with reliable microphones and webcams that allow you to interact with people seamlessly in real-time.

However, this isn’t the only option, and online therapy services allow you to text or email your therapist at any time, so you’re not limited to scheduled sessions in order to talk and ask them questions.

These features allow online therapy to have multiple perks that you wouldn’t otherwise get with in-person therapy, and the next section will elaborate more on them.

What Are The Benefits To Using Online Therapy?

In addition to offering different ways of communicating, technology allows online therapy to bring more to the table. Here are some ways that it is the case:


One of the most valuable aspects of online counseling and therapy is its ability to be extremely convenient for its users.

Because there are numerous licensed professionals on a platform, scheduling is much more flexible than working with a single individual who operates in private practice.

Therapy being done remotely also removes the need to travel anywhere, and this especially benefits from people who live in remote areas or those who struggle with a disability. Everything can be done from home; all you need is your favorite device, connect to the internet, sign in, and you’re set.


Technology allows online therapy to keep costs lower than its in-person counterparts, and this can make a significant difference in whether or not people get help or not.

Many people stress out about finances when it comes to attending therapy sessions, but online therapy attempts to alleviate that fear so that people can focus on improving themselves.

Unlike regular therapy meetings that can be charged based on an hourly rate or a session, online therapy is paid for on a weekly or monthly basis and gives you unlimited access to its features.

Comfort & Privacy

The two benefits mentioned above can certainly make attending therapy a more comforting experience, but there are additional ways that online counseling and therapy can be even more reassuring.

One of these is related to social stigmas that, unfortunately, still exist around mental health issues and getting help for them. Thankfully, online therapy is private, and you should have psychological comfort knowing that you’re not being judged by your counselor or therapist.

Online therapy also upholds the same confidentiality as in-person sessions. After all, the people providing you the service are licensed and professional, and the rules and ethics around treatment still apply, even though everything is being performed digitally.

Where To Find An Online Therapist

Another aspect that makes online therapy so accessible to individuals in need is that finding a therapist is just a few clicks away.

Online therapy providers like BetterHelp makes the entire process straightforward and aims to make the entire experience as stress-free as possible.

BetterHelp offers total access to licensed and professional online therapists who are trained to assist you in whatever issues you may be facing, such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, to name a few.

In addition to the therapy services provided here, users can also benefit from free, in-depth advice articles that can supplement their treatment plans.

With the skills that you learn in therapy and by gaining more knowledge through other resources, you will be surprised at the progress that you can make with some extra assistance.

You’re not alone, and at BetterHelp, there is a specialist who is able to lend a hand and help you live a happier and healthier life.


Without technology, online therapy services wouldn’t be possible, and people wouldn’t be able to enjoy its benefits. Luckily, current advancements are allowing more people to get help through their smartphones, tablets, and computers, and this is changing their lives, and you can too.


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