RIP Nintendo 3DS

RIP Nintendo 3DS
RIP Nintendo 3DS


If you are a gamer you should still remember the Nintendo 3DS console after ten years of lifespan.

According to a report from a Japanese site, “Production of the main body of the Nintendo 3DS series has been discontinued,” says the website.

Nintendo’s US site, meanwhile, appears to have scrubbed all mention of the 3DS sometime in the past few hours. The homepage doesn’t feature the handheld console at all other than a support link at the bottom — under a similar link for the definitely-dead Wii U.

The 3DS was announced in 2010 and released the following year. It suffered a rocky launch, with low sales and little software of note, but started to pick up momentum after a dramatic price cut just a few months after its release.

For the record, Nintendo has sold over 75 million 3DSes since its release in 2011, 14 million more units than its widely beloved Nintendo Switch. Nine years later, Nintendo announced it had discontinued the device and its immediate family—the 3DS XL, the 2DS, and the 2DS XL.

It was a versatile little thing: dual screens (for maps and menus), foldable (for storage), 3D (with a toggle), and touchscreen-capable (a stylus snapped inside).

The 3DS has two screens, with the bottom touch screen allowing the gamer to use a stylus and the top screen displayed the 3D visuals.

Alongside the control pad and button controls – which were available on previous Nintendo handheld consoles – the 3DS introduced a new analog Circle Pad, while a built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor meant that tilting and moving the console could be used by games as input.

RIP Nintendo 3DS


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