RARBG Alternatives: 10 Best Working Torrent Sites

Best Working Torrent Sites
Best Working Torrent Sites


While talking about torrent sites, one simply can’t forget RARBG. RARBG was once a popular file-sharing website that had gained a massive fan following due to its torrent community. Unfortunately, RARBG is banned on several regional and users from all over the world were facing issues while accessing the RARBG website.

Well, almost every website which has been previously used for promoting copyrighted files was banned by the authorities. However, copyrighted files are not the only thing that we find on torrent websites. Torrent is meant for file sharing, and it can be used legally as well.

RARBG Alternatives – Best Working Torrent Sites

Some users visit torrent sites to download content that are freely available on the internet like freeware software, open-source tools, etc. Therefore, in this post, we have decided to list down some of the best RARBG alternatives that are working right now. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out the working RARBG Alternatives in 2020

1. 1337X


Well, 1337X is one of the leading websites which is known for its massive directory of torrent files. The site is still visited by millions of users and its one of the best torrent site which you can visit right now. From freeware software to free ebooks, you can find it all on 1337X. So, 1337X is one of the great RARBG alternatives which you can visit right now.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

To be honest, The Pirate Bay needs no introduction as its right now the most popular torrent sites available on the internet. Well, there are a group of community users who share copyrighted files, but if you dip deep into the site, you can discover lots of files that can be downloaded without worrying about legal stuff.

3. TorLock


The most notable thing about TorLock is its interface. The interface is quite amazing, and it’s well-organized which makes things easier for users to search and download torrent files. TorLock is pretty popular amongst torrent users and its one of the best RARBG alternatives available on the internet right now.

4. SeedPeer


If you are looking for the best RARBG alternative working, then SeedPeer might be the best pick for you. The site is well optimized, and the interface looks amazing. The great thing about SeedPeer is that it lists out different torrent categories on the homepage. Yes, you can also use the search bar to search for your favorite torrent file.

5. TorrentDownloads


Although not much popular, TorrentDownloads is still one of the best torrent sites in 2020. The user-interface of the site matches the popular demised site – KickAss Torrents. If we talk about the content, TorrentDownload offers ebooks, software, videos, music files, etc. So, it’s definitely the best RARBG alternatives that you can visit right now.

6. IsoHunt


Well, IsoHunt also a victim of a legal battle against MPAA. For that, they paid almost $110 million. But, the site came back pretty well, and it’s now available with a different domain extension. IsoHunt is one of the popular torrent sites available on the internet, and it can be the best RARBG alternative too. You can find almost every downloadable files on IsoHunt.

7. Torrent Hounds

Torrent Hounds

If you are searching for a torrent site that has massive collection of torrent content, then you need to give Torrent Hounds a try. However, on the downside, Torrent Hounds is full of copyrighted content and might land you in legal trouble. So, it’s best to use VPN while visiting this site.



Well, EZTV is the last RARBG Alternative on the list which you can consider. EZTV is known for its huge database, and you can find lots of downloadable stuff on the site. The best thing about EZTV is that it shows the popular downloads on the homepage itself. So, EZTV is another best RARBG alternative in 2020 which you can consider.

9. BitPort


This one is actually a cloud-based torrent client that can be accessed through a web browser. It first downloads the torrent and then provides you the download link. However, BitPort also acts as a search engine because it allows users to search for torrent files. BitPort right now has around 2.3 million torrent content.

10. YTS


If you have liked RARBG, then you will love YTS too for sure. Just like RARBG, YTS focuses on video torrents. You won’t believe it, but the site right now has more than 8000 torrent content which you can download. You will find lots of high-quality and latest movies and TV Shows on the platform.

11. TorrentProject


It is one of the best and most visited torrent websites on the list which can be considered as the best RARBG alternative. Just like RARBG, TorrentProject hosts tons of high-quality torrent content. From movies, games to ISO files, TorrentProject has almost everything. The most noticeable thing about TorrentProject is its user-interface which looks clean and well organized.

So, these are the best RARBG alternative in 2020 which you can visit right now. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.

RARBG Alternatives: 10 Best Working Torrent Sites


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