OYI-Beeptool $1 Android Phone is Available for Pick Up, See the new Price

OYI-Beeptool $1 Android Phone is Available
OYI-Beeptool $1 Android Phone is Available


Do you still remember OYI- beeptool, $1 Android phone you pre-ordered 2 years ago? Well, it appears the smartphone is no longer $1, but the actual price is now out.

Exactly 1 year ago, I wrote this article on how to demand a refund of your money since the management failed to keep their ends of the bargain. But it appears all the procedures highlighted by the management to demand refund were all scam.

I recalled, I wrote several times to their account department but no reply, no response nor any confirmation that they received my mails.

Well, this afternoon, I got an SMS from them as seen below;

Good afternoon, the Beeptool Oyi-1 you pre-ordered for in 2018 is now available for collection. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the new price per device is N15,500. You will need to add the difference between what you paid and the new price. Send details to to arrange for yours.

This is what it means, if you ordered for 2 at the rate of N1000, you’ll need to pay the balance of N14,500 each to pick up the phone.

This is not what we bargained for. The reason for the delay according to what the management said a year ago was that

“…We are currently facing regulatory challenges in Nigeria which is why we have not distributed the phones, although the Oyi-1 phones have already been manufactured; and it cost us N23,000 to manufactured each of the phones.

If you wish to collect the phone, or demand for a full refund, you can mail the sales team with your details to []

Let us know in the comment if you also received the text, and what your next point of action will be.


OYI-Beeptool $1 Android Phone is Available


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