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LinkedIn Search – Searching for People & Job on LinkedIn

How to Sign up a LinkedIn Profile.
How to Sign up a LinkedIn Profile.


The LinkedIn search tool used by people, organizations, and companies. However, you can discover much important information with the help of the LinkedIn search. In which the results come from the top industry influencers and relevant groups. To the most current latest posts on your search topic of interest. Learn how to initiate and refine inquiries to gain useful results. Besides, the search tool allows you to highlight any text on your chrome web browser. note that Linked In is a database that works like a search engine. It is vital to use keywords on your profile so that if someone searches on one of more terms, it will appear in your profile, then you can appear. With the LinkedIn search, you can find any person or job opportunity with the help of Linkedin job search services.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has a database with info of all LinkedIn users. Once you start to type, you get suggestions through auto-responding function-based. On the phrase, you entered in the search box. LinkedIn search likes connections and profile completeness. When people search on LinkedIn, the results have been sorted by relevance. Using a variety of keyboards gives a constant same result. if you are not using a variety of terms and keyboards then you may not show up results on the search results. Use these terms throughout your LinkedIn profile in meaningful sentences.

How To Search on LinkedIn?

On the contrary, search bar can be seen at the top of any LinkedIn page you are viewing, it allows you to search for people, jobs, companies, post, etc. you can click any of the suggestions that appear in the dropdown list as you type, or submit your search to see the full results.  To search on LinkedIn, do the following.

  1. Enter your keywords into the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. From the dropdown that appears.
  3.  Select an option from the suggestions, you will be redirected to your selection.
  4.  See more results by clicking the search icon to run the search or click the see all results at the bottom of the dropdown. You will be redirected to a search results page.
  5.   From the top of the search results page, you can filter your search results by clicking any of the following tabs.
  6. All
  7. People
  8. Jobs
  9. Events
  10. Content
  11. Schools
  12. Companies
  13. Groups.

However, note that frequently used search filters are located at the top of your search results page. And if you are searching on LinkedIn as a guest. You might be asked to sign in or sign up to continue searching.

How To Search for Jobs on Linked In?

LinkedIn helps you find relevant jobs that suit your skills and qualifications. You can search for millions of jobs posted on LinkedIn every day. You can either search for jobs using the search field on the top of the LinkedIn homepage or you can directly access the jobs page where you can search and apply for jobs that fit your expectation and requirements. To search for a job, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the jobs icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click the search jobs field and enter keywords or a company name.
  3. Enter the desired job location in the search location field and click search.
  4. Make use of the filter options at the top of the search result page to filter the results.
  5. finally, Click the job posting to view the job description and apply for the job if the job suits your requirement.

In summary, for new LinkedIn users, we suggest you to read my article on how you can use LinkedIn and its features to easily get started with your job search. Also, make sure you have created a good LinkedIn profile that is unique and showcases your skills and expertise.



How To Search for Jobs on Linked In


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How to Sign up a LinkedIn Profile.

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