Latest iPhone 12 Leaks; Design and Camera Placement

Latest iPhone 12 Leaks
Latest iPhone 12 Leaks

A short video clip tweeted by EverythingApplePro shows the new design and camera placements of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro. Earlier today, the video went live on Twitter showing the exteriors looks of the iPhone 12 without any hardware.

Here it is! Official iPhone 12 Pro chassis leak. Confirms mostly same camera with new LiDAR placement, flat sides, magnet cutouts & smart connector-like 5G antenna? This seems to confirm the 6.1 Pro model will get LiDAR too. October can’t come soon enough.

— EverythingApplePro (@EveryApplePro) September 11, 2020

The 5-second long video shows the frame of the iPhone 12 with no display or any other hardware components included.

Tons of iPhone 12 leaks had surfaced online in the past few weeks and this is one among them for that matter.

The new LiDAR sensor placement on the iPhone 12 can be clearly seen on the iPhone 12 Pro’s leaked video. The leak actually shows the back panel of the iPhone 12 with the same camera placement as that of the iPhone 11 Pro and an extra sensor. The Apple logo is placed at the center similar to the latest current-gen iPhone.

Taking a look at the back panel shows us that the iPhone 12 Pro might come with a 6.1-inch display. The leak also further suggests that the LiDAR sensor will be available on iPhone 12 as well as iPhone 12 Pro. In the iPhone 11 series, the LiDAR sensor was only available in the Pro version and not on iPhone 11.

The frame looks pretty similar to the design of the old iPhone 4 and 5 with that boxy shape. Some leaks also suggest that the new iPhone 12 phones will come with a very powerful agent to the rear which will be capable of aligning the phone on the wireless charger to charge the device.

It was believed that the new iPhone 12 series will come with fancy 120Hz refresh rate panels but it turns out that it will only come with a normal 60Hz or a maximum of 90Hz and no 120Hz.

Latest iPhone 12 Leaks; Design and Camera Placement


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