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How To Share Your Real-Time Live Location Using Facebook Messenger

How to share Real live Location on Facebook Messenger
How to share Real live Location on Facebook Messenger


Learn how to Share Your Real-time Live Location With Anybody Using Facebook Messenger using easy way that will help you to share the real-time location to track, So follow the below guide to proceed,

facebook messenger is developing day by day and the manufacturers of this top level social media after telling to conquer the whole world traffic by doing so. This would become possible rather soon, although the competition is quite tough. The Facebook Messenger is a complete solution for any sort of communication or chatting. And till now we had discussed lots of cool guides that you can use to tweak you messenger app in your android. From live chat to calling and text messaging, nothing is left behind. The another new feature had been set to this social media through which the users would be able to share their live real-time location with anyone at any instant. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed with sharing live location using this.


This feature is good enough to accelerate the more attachment among the friends while communication. The facility could also be beneficial to send the location status to anybody. Now for the users those who are new to this feature, which most of the users would be, this could be complex to know whether how to use this location sharing. To help out the users were have written about the whole easy to use the real-time location sharing on Facebook messenger. Just read our this article if you also wish to know about the way!



How To Share Your Real-Time Live Location With Anybody Using Facebook Messenger

Before we begin with the method let me also tell you that this feature is amazing not just because the users can share their locations with their friends but they can also track their real-time location. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to locate anyone. Now its time to carry on with the method of using this feature:

And the method is very easy and simple and you just need to choose some simple steps to proceed. So follow up the below steps to proceed.


Steps To Share Your Real-time Live Location With Anybody Using Facebook Messenger:

#1 First thing is not about the method but the whole method would be useless if you haven’t qualified this step. This step is to update your Facebook Messenger to its latest version. This is mandatory because the location sharing feature is just included in this newest version app of the messenger. The users using the previous versions won’t be able to use this feature!

#2 Get inside the latest version messenger app and tap to the new conversation with any of your friends to whom you wish to share your live location. Till now the whole procedure is all same as it was in the previous version of the app you were using. After taking the new conversation skip to the next step.

#3 Inside the conversation above the write content text field you will notice the icons that are specific for all different functions. You need to tap on the more icon. This is three dot icon which will be placed on the right side of the screen.

#4 You will see some options appearing on the screen. Find and tap on the Location option from there. The map would pop-on the screen and you have to select the Share Live Location for 60 min button.

#5 Your conversation panel will slide and at the end of the screen there will be the map with your live tracked location. At any time you can share your location with the friend by clicking on the Share Live Location button on that map. Through this tour friends could also trace you by gathering your location information’ you will be sending.


#6 you will also require stopping the location sharing at some time. To do that too there is a red button inside that live map under the conversation screen. Just tap on it once and your location would not be started anymore. Note that this feature only allows to share the location for about 60 minutes and after that time it will automatically stop. Although users can start out again by the above process.


In real time meeting up any of your Facebook friends will be so simple if both of you are at some unknown place. This intellectual idea would be highly appreciated by the travelers and even every of the users. Taking it to the end, we just hope that you have liked this article and got full guidance regarding the live real tone location sharing on FB messenger! Hope you like the guide, do share it with others too, Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this as techviral team will be always there to assist you.


How to share Real live Location on Facebook Messenger


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