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How to Make More Than 100,000 From This Company, Earn 2% – 3.5% Daily

pennywise wealth management
pennywise wealth management

Some of you must have heard about it, and into it, while some others are still skeptical about it. Today I want to tell you about an investment company that pays you 2% – 3.5% of your investment daily.


If you have a smartphone but you are not using it to make money, then something is wrong somewhere. On this same blog, we’ve posted different ways you can make money, ranging from Fiverr, Forex trading, and many more.

But today, I want to talk to you about Pennywise Investment Management, it pays you daily up to 2% – 3.5% of your investment with them. But before I begin, it is important to know who this post is meant for.

>>It is meant for those who are looking for where to invest their money with guaranteed returns.

>>Those who are looking for ways to earn passive income

>>Those who have kept money in their bank account but afraid to spend it. Saving money in your bank account doesn’t grow your money… it is only the money you invest that grows.

>>It is those that have a smartphone but are not making money with it.

>>It is for everyone who is aspiring to breakthrough from every form of financial hardship

What is Pennywise Wealth Management?

Penny Wise Wealth Management is a leading global investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, and individuals.

They are a Robo-advisor. Robo-advisors are a class of financial advisers that provide financial advice or investment management online with moderate to minimal human intervention.

They provide digital financial advice based on mathematical rules or algorithms. These algorithms are executed by software and thus financial advice does not require a human advisor. The software utilizes its algorithms to automatically allocate, manage, and optimize clients’ assets.

Is investment with PennyWise Safe?

Yes, their investment strategy is extremely safe and secures types of investments.

How is PennyWise Wealth Management Regulated to Keep Investors Money Safe?

Pennywise Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisory, incorporated in England and Wales with limited liability by Royal Charter 1853, under reference No. ZC18.

Pennywise offers Advice and Investment as a fiduciary, and we help you manage your money. We do this work as a legal entity—Pennywise Wealth Management LLC, which is a-registered investment Company. Your money is protected and insuring investors up to $900,000 (including $450,000 in claims for cash).


You need a bitcoin wallet to deposit or withdraw your money. You can deposit with Payer, bitcoin, or perfect money.

If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet, you can get one on Luno here or any other convenient platform.

How it Works

1. First of all register an account here and you’ll be given a $10 welcome investment bonus

2. You can only deposit with bitcoin, Payer, and Perfect Money on the Platform

3. Fund your Pennywise account with at least 100 USD worth of Bitcoin or more depending on your portfolio.

How to Fund Pennywise Account

To fund your Pennywise account, Buy $105 worth of Bitcoin from Luno or your bitcoin wallet. After buying the bitcoin, send it to Pennywise. Luno charges processing fee of up to $5.

  1. log in to Pennywise,
  2. click New Deposit,
  3. Select Bitcoin and copy the Bitcoin walled ID.
  4. Now log in to Luno,
  5. click send
  6. add the bitcoin ID you copied from Pennywise.

Your account will be credited once confirmed and will start to yield returns starting from 24 hours.

Keep These in Mind About Pennywise Wealth Management

  1. Pennywise wealth management is a trusted company and your investments are safe.
  2. Use the same name you used in registering for pennywise for Luno and make sure it’s the same name you are using for your bank details.
  3. Pennywise pays from Monday to Friday.
  4. Fund your Luno account using $105 because of some small charges Luno will collect for processing fees. If you use $100, Luno will collect their processing fee and your money will not be the exact 100 USD that Pennywise wealth management requires.
  5. Pennywise wealth management only allows your money to trade for 3 months. After that, you may withdraw your capital or allow it to continue running. Meanwhile, you can withdraw your earnings anytime you like.
  6. To keep benefiting, reinvest your money. You can top up your investment while it is still running. If you do you will earn more.

If you invest $100, your daily earning will be $2.5, $17.5 weekly, and $75 monthly which is about N27,000. By the end of your contract which is 3months, Your earnings will be N81,000. Aside from your initial deposit of $100.

With $500 investment, you’ll be earning close to N100,000 monthly. The higher your investment, the higher your earning.

Once you’ve registered and invested, let me know and I’ll drop a link to their investor’s WhatsApp group. This group is for only registered members who have funded their account.

Register here



pennywise wealth management


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