How to Install Linux on Chromebook

How to Install Linux on Chromebook
How to Install Linux on Chromebook


Here is the complete guide to Install Linux on Chromebook as many of the Chromebook users want to try this OS and installation process is not that much difficult and you just need to follow the simple tutorial below.

about this is that switching between the different OS could normally be done inside the running OS only.


Steps to Install Linux on Chromebook:

1. First of all, enable the Developer Mode on your Chromebook. To do that up hold down the Esc and Refresh keys and then tap on the Power button to enter into the recovery mode. For the older versions, there could be some physical buttons for entering into the developer’s mode.

3. From now onwards whenever you would be booting into the Chromebook there would be a warning screen here you have to press Ctrl+D or just wait for another 30 seconds to continue booting. This happens only to remind you that you are using the Chromebook in the developer mode.

4. Now download and install the Crouton with which we would be working, but you could also try up the ChrUbuntu build. After downloading the Crouton press Ctrl + Alt + T in Chrome OS to open up the Cross terminal. Now type in the command ‘shell’ in the terminal and then press the Enter key. This would take you to the Linux Shell mode, but if the command doesn’t work then you probably are not in the developer’s mode yet so try to go into developers mode and then try the command again.

5. To enter your Crouton session after the whole installation process run up the following commands:
“sudo enter-chroot startxfce4″ and then “sudo startxfce4

6. To switch between the environments or the different OS press the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Back keys and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Forward. In the case of forwarding and back keys, the browser navigation keys are used not the arrow keys of your keyboard. This was for the ARM Chromebook while for Intel x86/AMD64 Chromebook press the Ctrl+Alt+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Forward plus Ctrl+Alt+Refresh.

7. To exit out of the chroot use up the Shut Down command but if you wish to enter the chroot again run the command ‘sudo startxfce4‘. To reset your Chromebook just disable the Developers Mode and reboot your device!


So here in this article, you have got up the whole process of installing and executing the Linux operating system on the Chromebook. This method is meant to work for most of the Chromebook devices, and by using this method, you would be able to run both the Chromebook OS as well as the Linux OS that could be switched easily by single click at any time. Hope that you would like this method, in the case of any problems you could comment below and we would love to help you out!


How to Install Linux on Chromebook


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