How To get an Apple card

How To get an Apple card
How To get an Apple card


Apple Card is a new form of Mastercard that the platform will be offering to users in partnership with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. However, the card is a physical card with a Titanium wonder which is clean with all credit card touches. Also, this card doesn’t have a credit card number, No CCV or security code which makes it perfect. Instead of raised letters like the normal credit cards, everything from your name to the small Apple Logo. At the upper left corner is a laser on the card.

Apple Card makes you walk around with more purchases and smiling at how much money you might get back. However, the Card is designed to help customers lead a healthier financial life which allows every user to understand their spending and make smarter choices. Also, the Daily Cash Back flows into your Apple Cash prepaid card and then be like real cash. This could be used anywhere Apple Pay is accepted or you can transfer it to a friend via iMessage.

How do I get an Apple card?

Whether you buy things or shop online Apple Card can do things no other credit card can do. However, the card lives on your phone in the wallet app. Also, you can sign up in no time and start using it right away and get daily cashback on your phone. You need to apply first before getting the card with no fees including you need to check your eligibility. Here are a few steps on how to get an Apple card;

Check for Eligibility

  • Be 18 Years or older and also be a U.S citizen or a law U.S. resident with a valid, physical U.S address.
  • Own a compatible iPhone with the latest iOS version, Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID

Application of Card

  • Log in your iCloud with your Apple ID then open the wallet app on your iPhone and tap the add button +(plus).
  • Then select Apple Card and Tap continue, fill out your personal information such as (first and last name Date of birth, home address, Phone number, and SSN.).
  • Tap Agree to accept the apple Terms and condition. Then your application will is ready.

What credit score do you need for the card?

Most users want the card but some are not getting the advantage due to their credit score. However, the platform approved with credit card scores in the 600 range but keep in mind your mileage may vary. Also, you need to surely remove your credit freeze if you have one with TransUnion before you decide to apply for Apple Card.

With the Apple Card, you can buy a new iPhone and pay for it with interest-free monthly payments. However, your monthly installment appears right alongside your everyday card purchases. Also, the Platform is a powerful tool for purchases in and outside the Apple ecosystem.

How To get an Apple card

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