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How To Downlod Snapchat App Community

How To Downlod Snapchat App Community
How To Downlod Snapchat App Community


Snapchat is primarily used for creating multimedia messages snaps are made on the app which consists of a photo or a short video and can be edited to include filters. However, the app gives effects, text captions, and drawings and allows you to direct them privately to selected contacts. Also, to a semipublic “story” or a public story called our story.

Snapchat app reported 187 million active daily users and an average of each use time of 30 minutes peruse you can bet that Snapchat is a good platform to interact. However, in particular, the younger ones love Snapchat a recent survey found that 78% of high school students use the Snapchat app daily. Also, Facebook is likely losing around 2 million active users of under age 25 to Snapchat.

How to Download the App?

You could download the Snapchat app on your device either android or iOS with this following step:

On IOS device

  • Open your iPhone app store: tap the app store app icon, which resembles a white “A” on a light-blue background.
  • Tap search. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the search bar. This is at the top of the screen. Your iPhone keyboard should appear.
  • Search for Snapchat. Type in Snapchat then taps the blue search button in the bottom-right corner of your iPhone keyboard.
  • Look for the Snapchat icon. You should see the yellow-and-white ghost icon near the top of the page.
  • Tap gets directly across from the Snapchat app icon.
  • Scan your touch ID or enter your Apple ID password. When prompted either scan your touch ID fingerprint or tap install and enter your Apple ID password. Snapchat will begin downloading onto your iPhone.
  • Wait for Snapchat to finish downloading. Since Snapchat is a large app, this can take a few minutes.

ON Android device

  • Open your Androids google play store
  • Tap the search bar. It’s at the top of the screen, your android’s on-screen keyboard should appear
  • Type in Snapchat Doing this will prompt a drop-down menu with matching options to appear below the search bar.
  • Tap Snapchat It’s the top option in the drop-down menu Doing so takes you to the Snapchat app page. This option may take a few seconds to appear if you’re on a slow Wi-fi or data connection.
  • Tap install It’s a green button on the right side of the screen.
  • Tap accept when prompted. This will confirm that you want to download Snapchat, allowing Snapchat to begin downloading.

Is Snapchat a safe App?

Yes, but there is some mature content that is appropriate for most teens 16 and upon the platform, there are three key risk areas. However, Myth of disappearing messages and might lose text with your friends and love ones. When Snapchat first started it was labeled as the sexting app because people sent intimate photos.

Snapchat app lets their users exchange pictures and videos which is called snaps that are meant to disappear after they are viewed. However, the platform is advertised as a new type of camera because the essential function is to take a picture or video and add filters and lenses.

How To Downlod Snapchat App Community

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