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How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture

How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture
How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture


Spotify has changed the way I listen to music and for good. I have downloaded over 4,000 songs on my smartphone with playlists ranging from piano classic for meditation to Priyanka Chopra’s songs for a fun Sunday afternoon.

You can search a term and the Swedish streaming giant will present you with commendable playlists. Now clearly, I’m not the only one who knows about it; you might have multifarious playlists too.

Managing them is quite easy but people with a knack for customization (yours truly) want to do much more with playlists than listen. So, if you want to know how to change Spotify playlist picture, this guide will guide you to do so. So, let’s get into the details.

How to change Spotify playlist picture

Step 1: Open your Windows PC and launch Spotify desktop application. You can download it from here or open the Microsoft Store and search Spotify. Download it. KEEP IN MIND that this can be done only on the desktop application.

Step 2: Go to your playlists & select the one whose Playlist Cover Art you want to change.

Step 3: Hover your mouse on the current cover art. You’ll see a pencil icon. Click on it.

Step 4: Here, you can change the name of the playlist and add a description. Click on the circle with 3 dots.


Step 5: You’ll see ‘Replace image.’ Click on it.


Step 6: A folder pop-up will open. Navigate to the folder where pictures are stored and click on any one picture that you want to be the next cover art of the playlist. Click on ‘Open.’


Step 7: The image you selected will now be the playlist’s cover art.

Step 8: Now click on ‘Save.’ You’ve successfully changed the playlist’s cover art.


You can download images from or They are free and don’t have any watermarks. You can also select any pre-existing image you like in a folder and then select it as your cover art.


Can I change the cover art of my Spotify playlist?

Spotify’s playlist cover art can be changed but users will need to download the desktop application to do so. Once in the app, follow the steps mentioned in this article and you’ll change the cover art in no time.

Does Spotify let users change their usernames?

A recent update makes it possible to change old Spotify usernames. Make sure Spotify is set to online mode to sync the change.

Is Spotify free?

Yes, you can listen to songs on Spotify for free, but it’s plagued with advertisements and restricts certain features such as shuffling songs. You can buy a premium version and share it with friends or family.


This is how to change Spotify playlist picture. You’ll be done in a few minutes or depending on how many playlists you want to tweak. Follow the steps mentioned above and you won’t have to tolerate default art if the music you listen to.

What do you think of Spotify? Do you love its features? Is there anything you would like us to cover? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture

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