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How do I Download and Install LinkedIn app

LinkedIn is a social platform that gathers Business professionals around the world on a mobile app or the official website. However, the LinkedIn App is available for every mobile device such as Android, iPhone, Windows which could be accessed anywhere around the world. Also, the app allows you to network with people by adding them as collections and converse via private message or available contact. The app is similar to that of Facebook in terms of layout and broad feature offerings. However, these features are specialized because they cater to professionals.

How do I Download and Install LinkedIn app
How do I Download and Install LinkedIn app

LinkedIn App is just like other social media networks that use an algorithm that’s continually updated so that it can provide users with a better experience possible. However, as a user on this platform, you will notice that your feed which works much like the Feed on Facebook. This provides you with a steady stream of content, but before the feed arrives in your profile, it goes through filters that LinkedIn rate.

How much does the LinkedIn app cost?

The Linked app is free to use and download which could be downloaded on your Mobile devices such as Android, iPhone. However, if you want to make the Most LinkedIn features then you need to upgrade. To a premium subscription for exclusive tools to find a job and also create a job platform. Also, grow your business, find sales leads or hire a talented worker for your business.

How do I Download and Install the app?

Downloading and installing the LinkedIn app is available for iOS and Android devices for free with no stress. However, once on the mobile app and the Feed arrives you can engage with the content via a comment, a like or a share. Also, you can flag the content as spam or you can hide it to prevent others from seeing it. Here are a few steps on how to Download and Install the app on your device;

On iPhone

  • Launch your app store on your iOS device
  • Tap on search at the bottom right corner in the iTunes App store
  • Then type LinkedIn in which enough results will be produced. The App with the in icon and blue color is LinkedIn Click on Get icon and tap install.
  • Type in your iTunes password to start downloading.

On Android

  • Launch your google play store app on your Android device
  • Tap the search icon at the top of the page.
  • Then type LinkedIn which enough result will be produced, the App with the in icon and blue color is LinkedIn. Tap the LinkedIn icon.
  • Tap install and accept to install the app.

Once you have signed in to the LinkedIn app it will keep you signed in to an active session until you completely Sign out. However, the LinkedIn App helps you create that positive profile that you can use to build a professional image. Also, share articles you find interesting and comment on them with your point of view.

How do I Download and Install LinkedIn app

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