Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10 Back

 Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10 Back
Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10 Back


Learn how to Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10 Back that have the extra security in your Windows operating system. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Windows 10 manufacturers are working all the time to tweak and give more and more advanced feel to it. With the latest Creators update for this Windows, the developers have implemented numerous new features and added looks. One of the major amendment that has been done in this update is the whole style change of Windows Defender app. All the virus scanner, firewall, smart screen, device health, and family options are now placed on this same panel. All new UI has also been conveyed over this panel. This all new Defender is really cool to use but certainly, some users might wish to degrade back to the previous defender only. There could be any reason why they want to use the previous Windows defender only but to their instance, a single method is there that can help them perform that. Here in this article, we have written the method through which the latest Windows Defender on Windows 10 can be replaced by the previous version. If you wish to know how this happens or how this method works then keep on reading this whole article!

Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10 Back

The method is quite and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide that we had just right below.


Steps To Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10 Back:

#1 First of all right click on the desktop and then select the Create Shortcut option from the list menu that appears. This will launch the panel from where it will ask for the location of the file to which your wish to make the shortcut.

#2 In the above panel use the browse button and then go to “C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\.” location. From the location select the file “MSASCui.exe” and thereafter select OK.

#3 You will then return to the Create Shortcut window panel and the toy will notice that the blank browse field will be filled with the address of the “MSASCui.exe” file. Just select the Next button on that panel. You will be then asked to name the new folder, just choose your name as Windows Defender and then click Ok.

#4 Return to the desktop on your computer and just open the newly created folder. You will notice that it will launch a panel with few options. Click on turn on the button placed on this panel and proceed further. After talking some seconds the old version of Windows Defender will launch. That’s it!

#5 The above method will launch the Old style Windows Defender. But as you haven’t made any amendments or alterations to the settings, you can also launch the new version of Windows Defender from default options. There is only a folder which is connected to the file that is actually the setup for old version Windows Folder. Just utilize this shortcut for the folder and use up the old version Windows Defender normally.

Latest Windows Defender is the best amendment that the developers have actually done. The all new style makes it quick and easy enough to access all the security features and functions under a single panel. It always takes some time to get familiar with the new things and features, certainly not every person wants to rely upon those changes. Yet there is the method that we described in this article for such people so that they can keep on working with the previous style Windows Defender. We hope that you will like this article, please take some time to share it and comment about it!



How To Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10


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