Encrypt Facebook Messenger and Send Self-Destruct Texts

Encrypt Facebook Messenger and Send Self-Destruct Texts
Encrypt Facebook Messenger and Send Self-Destruct Texts

Time to encrypt Facebook Messenger and send Self-Destruct Texts with the help of the simple guide that we are discussing right below. This will ensure your social media privacy as chats will be totally private.


After the implementation of end to end to end encryption of the messages by the WhatsApp messenger, the Facebook has also added this facility to the messages. These features help the users to ensure the highest grade security for their messages which could not be accessed by anyone else. For utilizing this feature in Facebook, users need to enable it first through the secret conversation option from the settings. There is also the function of self-destruct messages that can also be enabled by the users from the settings. As these functions are new to the Facebook, therefore, some users may get confused on how can these features be actually enabled and what are their functions. To help the users, we have stated the method in this article through which the message encryption, as well as self, destruct messages functionality can be enabled and hence used. Just go and read the article to know about the method!

Encrypt Facebook Messenger and Send Self-Destruct Texts

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the below step by step guide to proceed.


Steps To Encrypt Facebook Messenger and Send Self-Destruct Texts:

1. First of all, open the Facebook messenger app on your device and then through filling up your credentials, just log in to your account. Once you get logged on to your account, head over to your profile settings by tapping on the Profile Icon that could be easily judged from the set of icons placed on the above of screen.

4, Just enable it from there and then again select up the “Turn ON” option from the prompted confirmation message.

4. Get back to the messenger home screen and from there select the ” Write Message” option and then on the next appearing screen select up the encryption toggle placed on the top corner of the screen.

5. This will enable the encryption of messages and then after that whom so ever you send up the message it would be encrypted.

Note: The receiving user cannot see your encrypted message until and unless he/she has also enabled the secret conversation function on their Facebook.


So this was the method through which you can easily send the encrypted self-destructing messages to someone on the Facebook. Remember that these types of messages would disappear from the receiver’s screen or the chat account on FB after some time if you have set up the self-destructs functionality. But in case you have just encrypted up the message then, it won’t disappear on its own but the receiver can also access that message through filling up the password. To try these methods just go and apply the method!


Encrypt Facebook Messenger and Send Self-Destruct Texts


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