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Enable and Use Handwriting Input in Windows 10

Enable and Use Handwriting Input in Windows 10
Enable and Use Handwriting Input in Windows 10


Learn how to try a cool Windows 10 feature that is Enable and Use Handwriting Input in Windows 10 by which you can make your PC understand the way you can interact with it for any of the input.

ill now you must have read our lots of tutorials related to Windows 10 to learn lots of new things. And today we are again here with a new cool trick of windows 10 that you will surely love to try that is the method to use handwriting input on your PC.The trick that is going to make you work more easy and comfortable as doing handwriting is easier than typing the keyboards keys. So have a look at the tutorial below.

The keyboard is a fastest known method to type in any text field while using the computer device. For many other controls and surfing keyboard is preferred by most everyone using the computer devices. For some reason, some of the people tend to use the touch panels for the controlling of their computer system and even for the typing purposes. Those people who are familiar and more natural with the touch panel for text input on their computer device, they would find it really good that Windows 10 have this feature inbuilt.

Using the graphics tablet and the Handwriting Recognition on Windows 10 any user can easily input their text in their own style of writing. Moreover, they could prefer it to all of their work and hence override the need to use the keyboard and the mouse. Theoretically, it is more sensible and much more easy to enable and work on the Handwriting input in Windows 10, but in real it is slightly complex to work on all that. For the guidance of the users, we have written about all the ways and methods to enable and use the Handwriting Input in Windows 10. If you also wish to know about this feature and it’s usage then read out the whole article now! As we had discussed every aspect in detail that you will need to implement this in your Windows PC.

Enable or activate the Handwriting Input feature on Windows 10

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some of the simple steps by step guide that will help you to implement this. As this is one of the coolest features of your Windows 10 that you can try. And even a  nontech guy can also implement this as this gonna help the person to make their daily routine work easier.  So follow the below steps to proceed.


Steps To Enable or activate the Handwriting Input feature on Windows 10:

#1 Right click on the taskbar on your Windows 10 and then from the options that appear click on the”show touch keyboard button“. This will make the touch keyboard visible on your screen.

#2 Next click on the touch keyboard on your toolbar. The process is to activate the handwriting input feature. And when it’s activated simply proceed to next step.

#3 Now you could be able to use this though keyboard for entering the text through the graphics tablet connected to your Windows device. As there in your editor’s screen will get split into parts with computer inputs and your handwriting inputs that will write on your Windows 10 PC.

Now your next step will be handwriting recognition where you will feed your writing styles in your PC. Here external hardware devices can be useful as they will provide you better grip in handwriting.

Handwriting the Text:

The process is simple, just click anywhere in the text field and then start to type with your hands on the touch tablet. The intelligent system inside will recognize your input and transform it into the corresponding text.

To make the handwriting recognition better, go to the control panel and click on the language option. Click on the Options next to your selected language and then click again on the “Personalize handwriting recognition“. And here the recognition process will start where you will tell your PC to what to remember.

This will open up the handwriting recognition wizard from where you have to name the device to learn your input style. You will need to correct the mistakes several times until the device fully gets to know your style. Keep doing it to make it even more perfect every time! As long as you will try random words or pattern your PC will try to accurately record the things that you are trying to make your PC understand. So do spend some time on this to make it more perfect and accurate.


Finally, after reading all of the above articles you have reached to the end where you have successfully gained the full procedure of using of Handwriting Input feature on the Windows 10. Hope that you might not have left with any issues or conflicts regarding its usage, but if there are some conflicts or complexions regarding the Handwriting Input feature usage then please contact us or just comment below. We would try our best to help you sort out the issues or problems!


Enable and Use Handwriting Input in Windows 10


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