Best Photo Management Apps For Android in 2020


Best Photo Management Apps For Android in 2020
Best Photo Management Apps For Android in 2020

Android smartphones are getting more powerful. Nowadays, smartphones are offering powerful cameras that can even complete DSLRs. Such high-quality camera specs always force us to capture more and more pictures.

Well, taking photos is not a bad thing, but over time our smartphone accumulates lots of pictures. Apart from the photos that you capture, the images that you receive from your friends through instant messaging apps were also stored on the internal storage.


Best Photo Management Apps For Android

These image files can take up lots of space on your device and can lead to slow down. So, to deal with such issues, one needs to use photo management apps. There are plenty of photo management apps available for Android and here we are going to list a few of them. So, let’s check out the best photo management apps for Android 2020.

1. A+ Gallery

A+ gallery

This one brings in a wide range of photo management tools. The great thing about A+ Gallery is that it automatically organizes all photos based on when and where you have taken. Not only that but with A+ Gallery, you can create and manage photo albums as well.


  • It’s one of the best free photo gallery app for Android.
  • The app offers multiple photo viewing, search, and management options.
  • It automatically organizes your photos.
  • A+ Gallery also has a private vault.

2. Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery

Well, it’s one of the best and highly customizable offline photo gallery app available on the Play Store. With this app, you can organize photos, edit photos, and recover deleted photos.


  • The app offers lots of useful features like photo recovery, duplicate cleaner, etc.
  • If offers a password-protected vault to store private pictures.
  • It supports all popular photo and video formats.

3. Gallery Go

Gallery Go

Well, it’s a smart, light, and fast photo & video gallery app for Android. The app is built by Google to help you with photo management. The app is optimized to work offline.


  • With this app, you can find photos faster with the automatic organization.
  • The app offers a few photo editing features.
  • The app lets you use folders to organize photos in any way you want.
  • Gallery Go comes in small file sizes.

4. Curator


It’s the first Artificial intelligence offline gallery app to make looking your photos intuitive. With Curator, you will get a private and trash folders. Not only that, but Curator also provides users useful features like photo tagging, shared albums, etc.


  • The app organizes your photos using Artificial intelligence.
  • It also offers convenient gestures to navigate and interact with the photos.
  • Some other features include trash folders, custom tags, shared albums, etc.

5. Optic


If you are searching for a photo management app that’s designed with speed and simplicity in mind, then you need to give Optic a try. Guess what? With Optic you can not only manage your photos or albums, but you can also secure them. For privacy, the app provides users a password-protected vault which can be used to store private images.


  • The app has been made by keeping speed and simplicity in mind.
  • With Optic, you can view & manage local photos.
  • It also offers a secure vault to store photos & albums.
  • The app has a modern design and it’s completely free to use.

Best Photo Management Apps For Android in 2020


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