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Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android and iOS

Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android and iOS
Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android and iOS

Now there are cloud servers available for you on which you can directly upload files and can save them for the long-term and that too at the very low cost. Many of you must be aware of the cloud services and must have used any of them.

In this article, we are going to share a list of best cloud storage apps for Android and iOS that you can use for free. With these apps, you can easily access the files stored on the cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc.

Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android and iOS

So, let’s check out some of the best cloud storage apps for Android and iOS devices in 2020.

1. Google Drive App 


This Google’s product is installed in nearly all Androids and Chromebooks, is an easy choice for those who already use the company’s other services. Google Drive app offers unlimited storage space, automatically syncs photos, offers quick file-sharing options, and tools to edit documents (texts, spreadsheets, and presentations).


  • Google Drives comes pre-installed in all Android devices.
  • With Google Drive, you can safely store and access your files from anywhere.
  • It also sends you notifications on every important activity on your files.
  • It also has OCR support that uses your phone’s camera to scan paper documents.

2. Dropbox

Well, Dropbox is one of the best and leading cloud storage app available for Android and iOS. It offers 2GB of free space. Users can use the free space to upload backups, photos, videos, etc. The mobile app lets you manage the data stored on the Dropbox cloud storage.


  • With Dropbox, you can upload and transfer files to the cloud.
  • It automatically uploads the photos & videos to the cloud storage.
  • The cloud storage app supports over 175 different file types.

3. Mozy

With Mozy, you can perform intelligent, pre-programmed backups. You can adjust the dates and the used bandwidth limit, or let the software do it for you. Your all saved data is encrypted and stored in a secure, remote location that’s only accessible to you from anywhere.


  • Mozy is the industry leader in online backup.
  • You can set Mozy to upload new photos & videos to sync automatically.
  • Mozy lets you browse your downloaded files from the SD Card.
  • It lets you browse photos in preview mode and view it in high resolution.

4. Microsoft One Drive App


Onedrive is now a part of Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 operating system. If you have a newly installed Windows 10, then you will find OneDrive integrated. Various Microsoft apps can integrate with OneDrive to sync data across devices. OneDrive also has apps for iOS and Android and it’s one of the popular cloud storage services which you can use. It gives 5GB of cloud storage for free and after that, you need to purchase the service.


  • The app automatically backs up the photos when you turn on the Camera upload.
  • Thanks to its automatic tagging feature, you can find photos easily.
  • The photos uploaded to the Microsoft One Drive can be accessed via phone, computer, and online.
  • It also offers file sharing and document sharing features.

5. Just Cloud


It is one of the most secure online storage services. If we talk about its storage capacity it offers unlimited storage to the home users. Just Cloud is best for those who want to back up their file in the cheapest way available. It also comes up with mobile apps so that you can easily manage mobile files and browse them with the help of your phone.


  • It is one of the leading cloud storage app available for Android.
  • With Just Cloud, you can access all your files from anywhere.
  • You can even protect your data by locking the app with a passcode.

6. Yandex Cloud Storage App


This is one of the best apps that I have used as this is the app that provides the online cloud storage right on your phone using the single click. You can easily upload and manage the files in this app. So must give this app a try.


  • It’s a free cloud storage service that lets you access your data from any internet-enabled device.
  • The app lets you transfer data from the phone to the computer.
  • The photos that you take through Yandex.Disk app will be instantly available to all other connected devices.

7. Box

The best thing about this app is that this app provides users 10GB of free data storage. It also has several premium packages, but the free one seems to be sufficient for basic use. Box has support for Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, etc. It’s one of the popular cloud storage services which you can use today.


  • It’s a free cloud storage app that offers 10GB of storage space.
  • You can upload PDFs, Office documents, photos, videos, etc to Box.
  • The Android app also lets you view and print over 200 file types.
  • It also supports offline access to files and folders.

8. Amazon Drive

This is one of the latest storage apps that you can use. Amazon is now providing this service in its drive app where you can easily and securely store your data in it. You can simply upload and manage all your data in it. Along with that, you can also choose free and paid storage plans.


  • Well, the Amazon drive app provides easy access to the files that you have stored on Amazon Drive.
  • With the mobile app, you can upload photos, videos, and other file types directly to the Amazon drive.
  • Not only that, but the mobile app can also be used to create folders and move files between them.

9. MediaFire Cloud Storage

This is the another best app on the list that can be used to either store or access the stored files. This app is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your data in a single place so you can access them anywhere. So get and manage the things easy and faster.


  • Mediafire offers you 12GB of cloud space for free.
  • You can use those 12GB of free space to upload backups, photos, videos, etc to the Mediafire account.
  • With Mediafire app, you can stream and play music & videos directly without downloading.
  • Mediafire app also lets you create and manage folders and files.

10. Mega


Well, Mega is another popular cloud storage service which is mostly used for file sharing purpose. The great thing about Mega is that it offers 50GB of cloud storage data for free. Apart from that, the app is also available on the iOS and Android app stores.


  • Well, Mega offers 50GB of free storage to all registered users.
  • With the Mega app, you can upload your files from your smartphone then search, store, download, or stream them from any device.
  • You can even use the app to share folders with your contacts.
  • It also offers End-to-end user-encrypted video chat options.

11. Tresorit


This one offers 1GB of storage on its free plan and the premium plans start at $12.50. The great thing about Tresorit is that it takes security very seriously and it provides end-to-end encryption of every file that you upload.


  • It’s a premium cloud storage service.
  • The base plan offers 1TB of encrypted storage per user.
  • You can store almost every file type on the encrypted storage of Tresorit.
  • Tresorit app can be used to access the saved files from the mobile devices.

12. Unclouded

It is one of the unique cloud storage apps that Android users would love to have. Guess what? with Unclouded, users can explore, analyze, manage, and clean up their cloud and device storage. Unclouded supports Google Drive, OneDrive, BOX, and Mega.


  • This is a cloud storage management app for Android.
  • With Unclouded, you can access different cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc.
  • It lets you view the files stored on different cloud storage services.

So, these are some of the best cloud storage apps for Android & iOS. You just need to install these apps from the respective app stores. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.

Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android and iOS



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