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Best Apps to Fake GPS Location on Android

Best Apps to Fake GPS Location on Android
Best Apps to Fake GPS Location on Android


The GPS tracker available on our devices lets other people conclude about our location. But sometimes the scenario is being so we are not in a state of sharing our situation, and we look forward to the Best apps to fake GPS location on Android. Some applications available are working, and some of them are just making a school.

If you want to get available with the Best apps to fake GPS location on Android, you are on the right page. Here, you will find applications that will help you fake your GPS location quickly, and no one can ever find out you have done so.

GPS Spoofing Apps for Android

Below given are some hand picked apps that will help you get the job done.

1. Location Spoofer

Location Spoofer is the best fake GPS location app because it is light and only takes 1 MB storage on your device. You can change your location and fix it from all over the world and make it look real. Moreover, if you wish to check out the same location on the satellite mode, it is available to you.

Apart from all the features, you might feel like the irritating ads make the interface worse for you. For the same, the pro version is available, and you can switch to it. After choosing the pro version, you can get access to unlimited features available.

Location Spoofer: Free

2. Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run is the best application for all those who want to make their friends fool. It allows you to change your current location easily, and no one will get an idea about it. But when you are using it, you need to allow it with certain permissions so that you will have a seamless interface.

Moreover, you are just a few clicks away when you wish to use this application and want your friends to become fools considering your accurate GPS location.

Fake GPS Run: Free

3. Fake GPS

Fake GPS hits in the category of those peak location apps that allow you to choose a location according to your desire. There is no need for you to feel like the options are limited here. It will monitor the complete location and allow you to choose a location as you require. Moreover, if you wish to add your favorite locations in the application, the option is available.

By mentioning the ZIP codes available, you can easily settle up the location and change it. If a person is looking forward to tracking your location and sent it to the same from fake GPS, they will not be able to get an idea about your real location.

Fake GPS: Free

4. Mock location

Mock location also hits the category of Best apps to fake GPS location on Android because of the interface and features available in it. It is available with thousands of customizing options that let an individual to set up their location easily.

Moreover, the Mock location application’s interface is so advanced that you can easily get whatever you require. You can settle up your location according to your requirements and let your friends track it easily.

Mock Location: Free

5. Mock GPS with joystick

Moto GPS with joystick is another choice that hits in the category of best fake GPS applications because of the interface and basic features available in it. Here a user will be going to get an idea about fake locations, and also, if they want to make any of them their default location, they can go with it as well. The interface of the application is neat and clean.

Also, whenever they are launching the mock GPS with joystick application, they can choose their favorite locations easily. In case they want to share the location with their friends’ option, they can get an idea that you are somewhere else, but the truth is you are at your place.

Mock GPS: Free

6. Fake GPS location by Hola

This application also hits in the category of best application because it is free to use and allows you to hide your current location easily. Whether you are doing a prank with your friends or don’t want to let them get an idea about your current location, you can use it.

Moreover, it is available with multiple options through which you can connect with different people using chatting applications. The application’s interface is seamless, and no trouble will be created to you in any case. This is free to use the application, and hence there might be a chance you face some difficulty considering the graphics are available. But apart from that, this is the best choice for you to have.

Fake GPS: Free

7. Fake GPS location changer

For all the Android users, fake GPS location changer comes as a boon. It is accessible in all Android devices, and it is very easy to use as well. When will you not get an idea about your location at all because after changing the location by a single click, you can easily make them a fool.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to a prank application that lets your friends explore your location, more than this will hit at the top for you. The algorithm of the application is so advanced that if you want to change the location from the current location, you can immediately change it with the joystick’s help.

Fake GPS Location Changer: Free

8. FGL Pro

FGL Pro is also in the category of free and easy-to-use location-changer applications for all Android users. One can easily change their device and location. Moreover, around the world, you can select your location, and no one will ever find it. You can share the same location with your friends for my family and everyone, and they will easily believe you.

The best feature available with this application is that it lets you share roots with different options like walking, speed change, driving, and others. You will not face any difficulty considering the interface of the application as well.

FGL Pro: Free

9. Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360 also hits in the category of the popular application for faking location because of the interface and because of the features available in it. One can easily hide their current location and share the new location with their family and friends easily.

Moreover, if one wishes to settle up the location without using the GPS, this application will allow them to use the same as well. You can put the coordinates without the internet connection in your device so that if you are in urgency, you can easily change your location.

Fake GPS 360: Free

10. Mockation

Mockation is also the best application to consider whenever one wishes to change their GPS location. It is quite interesting to see that all the features available in the applications mentioned above are available in it and you can use them easily.

It will be going to take some space in your device, but the features available are enormous. Hence, you can rely on this application to change your location because it offers you the combination of all the features mentioned above and can get available with the best easily.

Mockation: Free

Hence, it is right to conclude that the best apps to fake GPS locations on Android are always good choices to have whenever we do not want to share a location with anyone. These are not only adding to our devices for security purposes, but sometimes to avoid unnecessary trouble in our lives, we can use them. One will find out all the applications available on the Play Store and download them easily.



Best Apps to Fake GPS Location on Android


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