15 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2020

15 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2020
15 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2020


Let’s admit, the technology around is evolving at a rapid pace and the entire tech industry is undergoing rapid transitions. Each and every other day, we hear about new gadgets, new technology, etc. These days, it’s quite easy to stay updated with the latest technology trends because there are plenty of tech news sites and apps available on the web.
Since we now use smartphones more often than computers, it makes sense to share the list of best tech news apps. For Android users, we have compiled a list of best tech news apps that you can install right now. With these apps, you can watch news videos, read the news, watch live news, etc.

Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2020

Not only that, but some apps listed in the article also allows users to bookmark or save a webpage for offline reading also. So, let’s check out the best Android apps to read tech news.

1. Medium

Well, Medium is not exactly a tech blog or tech news app as it covers other sections as well. What makes Medium different from all other is that it lets you share your own views on what’s happening around the world. Here you can follow topics of your interest like Gadgets, Science, Tech, etc to read the most recent news.

2. Appy Geek

Appy Geek
Appy Geek

Well, Appy Geek is made by the same tech enthusiasts behind the Tech Republic – another best tech news app. Talking about the Appy Geek, the interface of the app is pretty amazing, and it gathers tech news from different popular sources. So, it generally gathers popular tech content from all around the world and assigns it at one place. So, Appy Geek is another best tech news apps that you would love to have.

3. Feedly

It is an RSS reader app that allows users to subscribe to favorite tech blogs. So, when you open the app next time, you will see the content from the sites that you have subscribed to. Feedly makes things a lot easier because you don’t need to open the browser and visit the website to view news as it automatically lists all news that has been recently published by various tech blogs. Apart from that, Feedly also got a dark mode, light mode, and a reader mode which improves the reading experience.

4. Drippler

Well, Drippler is much different compared to all others listed in the article. The app basically focuses on delivering tips and tricks based on what smartphone you are using. It detects your smartphone and then shows you the most personalized tips and tricks. Apart from that, it also shows the most important and trending tech news topics from around the world

5. Tech News Tube

Well, Tech News Tube is something like an RSS Reader app because it lets users subscribe to different tech websites. After subscribing to the tech website, it automatically lists all articles published by those portals. The best thing about Tech News Tube is its interface which looks clean, and it’s really simple to use. Not just that, but Tech News Tube also offers a dark mode that works as a reading mode.

6. Hacker News

Well, if you are searching for an Android app to read hacking related news, then Hacker News might be the best pick for you. The app’s primary focus is to provide news articles related to hackers or hacking. On this app, you can read security news, technology news, hacking news, etc.

7. Flipboard

Well, Flipboard is one of the popular sources to view the latest news. Not just technology Flipboard covers almost every category of news. Talking about the technology news, the app is filled with a plethora of information and interesting tech articles that are worth to read. So, Flipboard is another best tech news apps that you can install right now.

8. TechCrunch

Well, TechCrunch is one of the popular portals that reports on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley. With TechCrunch Android app, you can browser and read all TechCrunch’s headlines. The app also provides users customization options to see topics of their own choice.

9. CNET’s Tech Today

Well, this is another app from the CNET news portal. Tech Today is designed to be as simple and minimalist as possible. It’s even lightweight than the CNET app that’s listed above. It’s basically a tech news app that delivers a selection of best stories based on the most popular topics right now.

10. Findups Daily

It’s a relatively new news app available on the Google Play Store. The app is not much popular, but it’s pretty consistent on providing tech news. Findups Daily covers tech news content of popular news portals like Gizmodo, CNet, Slashdot, Engadget, Wired, The Next Web, TechCrunch, etc.

11. Opera News

It another best News & Magazine app that you would love to have on your Android smartphone. The best thing about Opera News is that it collects trending topics and videos from different sources and organized them in one place. With Opera News, you can read the latest and most popular news articles on the economy, finance, technology, business, etc.

12. Google News

Well, Google News simply organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stores that really matter to you. What’s more interesting is that Google News adapts with your browsing and reading habits to show relevant suggestions.

13. Inshorts

It is one of the most unique news apps that Android users would love to have. The app collects news from multiple national & international news sources and summarises them to present in 60 words or less format. So, it basically generates a shorter version of trending news which makes it convenient to read the news on mobile.

14. Inpix

It is a viral news magazine app for Android available on the Google Play Store. The Android app curates the trending and interesting topics from all over the internet and presents them through creative images, Gifs, and videos. If we talk about the tech news, Inpix covers top tech news of the day. Not only that but on Inpix, you can also discover lots of interesting tech facts, tech videos, etc.

15. Scooper News

If you are searching for an Android app to read trending and breaking news from all around the world, then you need to give Scooper News a try. Guess what? Scooper News provides users a personalized news feed containing breaking news, tech news, etc. Apart from that, Scooper News also has lots of tech-related videos as well.
So, these are the best tech news apps which you can use on your Android smartphone. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also



15 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2020


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