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10 Best Android Gesture Apps To Get Navigation Gesture

 Best Android Gesture Apps To Get Navigation Gesture
Best Android Gesture Apps To Get Navigation Gesture

With Android Pie, Google has introduced all-new Gesture navigation. The feature is really useful because it eliminates the extra space of a virtual-navigation button. After that, almost all smartphone comes with gesture support.

Now that Google has introduced the navigation gestures with Android Pie, almost all devices running on Android 9.0 can use this feature without using any third-party app. But, what if your smartphone is running an older version of Android? In that case, you have no choice left apart from using third-party apps.

Fortunately, every Android user can enjoy the Android Pie or iPhone X Gesture features. It doesn’t matter if your device is running on Android KitKat or Marshmallow, the apps which we are going to list below will help to bring the navigation gesture feature.


Best Android Gesture Apps To Get Navigation Gesture

Below we have shared a list of best Android gesture app that mimics the Android Pie or iPhone X gesture features. You can use all these apps to get the all-new navigation gestures on any Android smartphone.

1. Navigation Gestures


The great thing about Navigation Gestures is that it works on a non-rooted device and it hides the stock navigation bar completely. As a replacement, the app adds a pill-shaped button at the bottom which can be customized. Apart from that, Navigation Gestures also offers lots of other gestures.

2. One+ Gestures


It is not the official app from the OnePlus community, but its an app made by XDA User which will help you to add OnePlus gestures on any Android device. Just like OnePlus devices, One+ Gestures adds swipe gestures. That means you can now open the app drawer by simply swiping the home screen from bottom to up. The app can also hide the stock Android navigation bar, but you will need a rooted device for that.

3. Edge Gestures


Just like Android Pie, Edge Gestures allows users to use gestures to navigate the previous or next screen. To go to the previous screen, users just need to swipe the edge of the screen from left to right. Similarly, users need to swipe the edge of the screen from right to left to head to the next screen. Apart from that, Edge Gestures also offers other gestures as well as you can swipe up to open the home screen, etc.

4. X Home Bar


It is one of the great gesture apps on the list which adds a pill-shaped button at the bottom just like iPhone X. The great thing about X Home Bar is its interface which looks amazing and pretty straightforward. Another great thing about X Home Bar is that it works even on a rooted Android devices.

5. Fluid Navigation Gestures


Instead of adding a pill shape button on the bottom of the screen, it adds a fluid button on the screen. The gesture animations are amazing, and it has two primary gestures – Quick Swipe and Swipe and Hold. Swipe and hold will open the open apps, and the Quick Swipe will open the home screen.

6. Gravity Gestures


Well, Gravity Gestures is one of the best Android apps which could help you save a lot of time. Guess what? Gravity Gestures brings a wide range of Moto Actions and a lot more on any Android device. There are four gestures in the app – Rotation X, Rotation Y, Rotation Z, and Shake. You can assign different sets of tasks to these gestures.

7. Gesture Magic


Looking for ways to access apps, settings, etc by drawing a gesture? If yes, then you need to give Gesture Magic a try. With Gesture Magic, you can create custom gestures to launch your favorite apps, make calls, send SMS, open websites in the browser, lock the screen, etc. The app is extremely simple to use and it’s free.

8. Gesture Control


This app can help you to get rid of your navigation bar. Basically, the app replaces the default navigation bar with gesture-based navigation just like Android Pie. So, Gesture Control is another best Android gesture app which you can use right now.

9. AUG Launcher


Well, this one is new, at least compared to all other listed in the article. It offers some interesting gesture features like you can set a gesture to launch your favorite app with just a swipe. You can set gestures for every different task like the gesture for launching certain apps, gesture for switching WiFi, gesture for Bluetooth, etc.

10. Full Screen Gestures

Full Screen Gestures

With Full-Screen Gestures, you swipe from left, right, bottom edge to perform certain tasks. Another best thing about Full-Screen Gestures is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphone. So, Full-Screen Gestures is another best navigation gesture app for Android in 2020.

So, these are the Best Android navigation gesture apps which you can use right now. These apps work on every Android device. If you know any other apps like these, then make sure to drop the name of the app in the comment box below.


10 Best Android Gesture Apps To Get Navigation Gesture


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